About Us

One among the many basic needs of mankind includes clothing and we take immense pride in bringing it to you in the most purest form possible. We have been a part of the textile industry since 1931 which almost marks the beginning of the weaving industry in south India. As a matter of fact clothing is and always will be one of the most crucial parts of every individual and we assure the best in it in terms of every aspect.

Lending an edge to the sustainability revolution around the world, we VONIT (Vibe of Nature in Textile), a reliable hub for sourcing the finest varieties of Organic Cloths. We strike a perfect balance between our environmental sensitivity and integrity as a manufacturing company, We manufacture the fabric that is carefully blended with organic extracts from Organic Cotton, Aloevera, Bamboo, Corn, Hemp, Orange and Rose and many more natural extracts. We have decided to keep our raw materials as organic and eco friendly as possible owing to which we use only the parts of the plants that are not edible.

Est. 1931


Every passing second a new life comes into this world and our motto is to provide the best of nature with our clothing line which is exclusively for Women and babies (0-36 months). Inner garments have a huge importance in everyday life. It not only increase beauty and fitness but also has hygiene importance. Especially for women.We would like to provide Anti microbial and other Anti bacterial Garment for hygienic without compromising comfort and style. A mother’s womb is undoubtedly the safest place for an infant and we would like to provide a similar experience for your baby at least until it’s thirty sixth month.

Our Vision

Both Women and  Kids clothing has shorter usage time hence we use more clothes every day. Similar to plastic wastes artificial fiber fabrics too don’t have mercy on soil. Our aim is to manufacture cloth with natural resources without compromising styles. Be it is worn or disposed our products don’t harm anyone. By having zero tolerance going against the nature.